Q6Q7's waypoint brochure for new and returning customers in Mannheim. The way-point brochure includes guides through the Q6Q7 Mall, the parking lot system and the guide and accessories of the housing that is part of the Q6Q7.

Data Doodles


"Function follows Form".This describes the way I think when it comes to visual-data and how infographics / visual data is formed. Forms like an iPad or iPhone have a slender form to the eye but don't give hints on how to use these devices. The consumer's idea of using the iPad (learning function) needed to adapt up to the new form of the phone (i.e. Function follows Form). A small way to test this idea was to create different forms of data excluding numbers and letters. In the end, I created over 130+ forms of visual data forms that information could live in.



Colliers Annual Report that shows their projects and their companies data for 2017. I used the information that was given by Typenraum and created the book's layout & infographics. Creating a new fresh style for the companies yearly annual.

Hardbody Athletics


A Branding & Identity project in which I worked with an athletic startup company that focuses on working with their clients and testing the limits of their strength, speed, and their physical endurance.



THE DP is a semester-long research of during my Senior Year about Humanism, Post-Humanism, and Nomadic qualities in Michelangelo Antonioni (Italian Director) films. I studied his camera techniques, the facial expression that the characters portray and their behaviors in space/setting. As well as created visual data, photography, and posters for the film. I also created a blog that shows more of the day to day updates I posted for my Degree Project and made an inspiration board in order to the visual look of his work and the posters that compliment his work from different parts of the world.

Propaganda Poster


This poster creates a visual narrative between the ISIS organization, and how the media boost their reputation and their cause. This type of publicity is spreading ISIS ideals to American children, eventually creating 'sleeper terrorists' in the United States. Almost every news station brings up the story about ISIS, but some like to decorate the information around it more than others.

Bauhaus Manifesto


Creating a 14 Swiss Poster series of the Bauhaus Manifesto from Walter Gropius and taking some of his ideas of 'going back' to our roots of creativity, structure and art. This is a 14 poster series about the idea of "Going back to building things" and getting away from the computer in doing most of the work by hand, rather than using the computer.



This project was created during my studies at Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz FHNW in Basel, Switzerland. The first part of the project, I created visuals with the theme of Melt, Wood, & Photography. Then in the next phase of the assignment, I did some researching on deforestation around the world. In the end, I created three beautiful infographics that all display some type of information of deforestation.


From the inspiration of my Museum Poster series and my interest in the original DIN typeface. I started the FINDIN typeface at Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz FHNW in Basel, Switzerland. The FINDIN is the a 'display' typeface meant to be used for posters, book covers, and web. The whole set will be available for download early next year.

RISD Museum Poster


A RISD promotion poster that shows the theme of black and white photography and film in the year '14, '15, '16.


Stop Motion project. Theme: Typography
I worked with four other people on this 3 week project as part of our Form and Communication Design Stop-Motion competition. Our stop-motion won 'Best Film' award from the F&C Design Stop Competition.

Guest Judges:

Michael Riley - Creative Director and Designer Jacek Mrowczyk - RISD professor
Eva Laporte - Grad GD Administrative Assistant
Deborah Wilde - From the RISD Museum Education Department
Brian Heller - Cinematographer from Providence

Concept: Typography


"Black Educated Men in America" (B.E.M.A.) This catalogue has 2 distinct messages. The text discusses African American Men that face socio-cultural, academic, negative stressors and how did some African American men cope from the experience. The other message in the black background is a personal message that is offbeat from the reading.

Good Kid

This short film shows a kid getting ready to leave his room, but the multiple sounds of the media keeps him from leaving. This powerful concept is open for discussion about media and how is it conflicting with people social status (especially african american males) and how sound & communication through media controls people's very own existence.



A text narrative novel story that investigates a series of people that may have commited a serious act at 3:12


More work:



Xavier DeVaughn is a designer that is currently based in Baltimore, Maryland. His interest and passion involves visual-data, photography and video. Contact me for work, collab or if you just want to say "Hey!"