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BriefThe annual research project from my Senior year at the Rhode Island School of Design.

IdeaTHE DP is a research project during my Senior Year about Humanism, Post-Humanism, and Nomadic qualities in Michelangelo Antonioni (Italian Director) films and how he captured the moments through photography techniques and facial expressions of the actors.

Posthumanismus [PostHumanism]

Future / Technology / Space | Dimension / Society

How do we define ___?
How can ____ change our behavior?
How can we focus more on ___?
How do we analyze ___ into our more physical life?

I will be investigating humanism properties from the films created by Michelangelo Antonioni (*Nomadic Forms, *Post-Humanism) using analog, digital and color in order to learn the basic principles to what makes us human. After my investigation, I will create a folio of the evidence of humanism properties in his screenplay and films. Finally, I will create my own films that incorporates the humanistic qualities and some of the techniques I studied from Antonioni's work.
I will investigate humanism properties through light and space using analog, digital and color in order to learn the basic principles to what makes us human. Then further research on how post-humanism is changing our basic behaviors as a species and how we use space in the modern era.

Symmetries of Cultures
Antonioni de Maestro van de moderne cinema
Abstract Video: The Moving Image in Contemporary
Light: The Shape of Space
Architecture: Form, Space, and Order
Shooting Space: Architecture in Contemporary Photography

Database .

InspirationMichelangelo Antonioni – Il maestro del cinema moderno

EYE presents Michelangelo Antonioni – Il maestro del cinema moderno, an exhibition about one of the foremost innovators in film from the last century.

Featuring interviews with Jaap Guldemond (director of exhibitions / curator at EYE) and Dominique Païni (curator and former director Cinémathèque française), who explain how Antonioni renewed the grammar of film by thinking in terms of the image and less in terms of narrative. With his famous trilogy L’avventura (1960), La notte (1961) and L’eclisse (1962) – all featuring his muse Monica Vitti – Antonioni became one of the leading directors of the last century.

Here is the trailer called, “The DP” where it breaks down the questions and the characteristics of Post-Humanism.

Last Walk
Life sometimes mean, ‘not being in the moment’. Being able to exist outside Post-Human like culture that is current in our society and to either conform to that society or not. A critical part of being human is “acceptance”.

Accepting our environment, our desicions and our emotions can alternative so rapidly that it can become hazardous to us. This video conveys the idea of accepting through space, love, time and their identity.

Pass Wunder
This is the final movie I created during my senior year at RISD.
I wanted to make more movies during the semester, but I knew how long and the work it takes to create a movie.
So I wanted to do something personal that some people may understand if someone had a positive time studying abroad in another country.

Many people might think that P.T.S.D. comes from a negative event or situation. But, post traumatic stress disorder (P.T.S.D.) can come from really good experiences. Pass Wunder expresses how one person could be physically in one place and their mentality and spiritually can be in another.