The Line Between Rules & Tools 

Weltformat Graphic Design Festival
Newcomer Award 2019 

Poster Design

BriefThe Weltformat Graphic Design Festival is a festival in Lucerne, Switzerland that will display the up and coming poster designs. The theme this year is “Tools & Rules”. The goal is to make visual solutions describing instrumental tools, rules and guidelines in language.

Contrasting groups in the National Basketball Association (NBA). Understanding their rules and tools seems like a simple matter for this subject, but an answer that has been discussed before. I added a new theme of how tools and rules are displayed inside and outside of America.

Sketches & Notes
I began to research the NBA and illustrate an abstract form of the the championship trophy. These attributes became the signage for the project. The next step was to integrate the philosophy of welt formats: tools & rules to better understand what they are and how they work together in this visual system.
ToolsThe idea to enhance, correct or validate the experiences of observation that is a material that will alter another material. This alteration can happen rapidly due to a system that will create a pattern that will reduce flaws through time.  

RulesRules are tricky because rules cannot cover every human action. But, without a human action, there are no rules. Which makes them inseparable to each other, but they need an important piece to work which is a sign.

Systems A sign that will refer to material objects including people either using markings/marks on a hard or soft surface that will carry meaning. Multiple combinations of these signs are called a language.

This practice has been happening currently. This is Maria Meza, a woman running away from the border because the fear of the tear gas that is being shot toward her twin children she’s holding. 

“After nearly two weeks of documenting the harrowing journey of a caravan of mostly Central American migrants headed towards the U.S.-Mexican border, I snapped a picture I will never forget. Just before the tear gas was fired, I had followed some of the migrants as they approached a section of the border fence recently reinforced with razor-studded coils. U.S. border agents warily eyed the group from the other side.” -Kim

Photo by: Kim Kyung-Hoon

“ The mass legal and illegal immigrants (men, women, children) that are currently being held at the boarder are dying, being misplaced and enslaved should be seen as much as the NBA Final.”