RISD Museum

RISD Museum
RISD - Design & Film Event

Brand Identity - UI - Poster Design
An app that would display the features and events for the RISD Museum between 2014 to 2016 for RISD students to participate in and focusing on the idea of space and video.

The style comes from the idea of space & negative space of film and how that can function on an app. Showcasing a series of stories of art and showcasing art that can be view, read, and buy/rent.

The idea of “space” in the RISD Museum gave me the inspiration to breakdown the Avenir typeface and restructured the form to provide it with a mark that illustrates the space of the RISD Museum.

Typography & Color
United Way asked me to create a new brand identity program for their new educational services to help schools become places where the learning environment is positive and engaging for all.

The poster displays the illusion of a roll of film and the shadow characteristic that reveals the events for 2014 to 2016.