Propaganda Poster

RISD - Political 

Poster Design - Print Design

BriefI was given this project to create propaganda message that is directed to the issues in America.

IdeaThis poster creates a visual narrative between the ISIS organization, and how the media boost their reputation and their cause in 2016. This type of publicity is spreading ISIS ideals to American children, eventually creating 'sleeper terrorists' in the United States. Almost every news station was bringing up the story about ISIS, but some like to decorate the information around it more than other new stations.

The process would be daunting for most designers. For my love to find truth and history; I began to research ISIS and their organization. There was a gold-mine of information, from their attacks to their ideology. This got me to thinking about how this kind of information can rot the mind of a citizen of America. 

I merged the idea of eating and reading parallel to each other. Eating to much candy can rot your teeth. But, knowing too much about something can have the same effect.