Hardbody Athletics

Hardbody Athletics LLC - Julius Jones
Business - Health & Physical Performance

Brand Identity
Art Direction & Designer

BriefA family member of mine asked me to help their start-up health & fitness company. The goal of the project was to create a logo mark, brand guide, and typeface for their company. This was my first time working with a family member but a great experience to learn their job and vice versa.  

IdeaAfter the first meeting, I focused on the words that were said and began to think of ways to illustrate strength and power. With this idea in mind, I began to learn about their clients and the workouts that they give to their clients.

Taking the letter ‘H’ in Hardbody and the concept of strength and power. I was able to create a logo mark that reflects the company but also reflects my family members personality.

Typography & Color
Using Comply & Brown typeface forged a great relationship of bringing a powerful tone to the companies presence.