Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz - Political

Data Visualization - Print Design

Designing and analyzing visual messages in the context of illustration and photography. Dealing with the process of drawing in connection with form-finding, relying on digital tools and appliances in the production of an image, test the impact of visual messages, and learn how to process and analyze visual information.

Deforestation is currently one of the causes of global warming. During my study at FHNW, I wanted to point out the data behind deforestation and tell the story through experimental visuals. I used the outside elements to convey how nature can be useful when implimenting visual data.

My properties were: Wood, Light & Photography. My analysis leads me to the question: How can I make wood melt? Researching element compounds, sculpture, and light, I was able to come up with an alternative way to visually show wood melting.

After the visual experiments, I look through The World Counts, and WFF data set around that time and used the visual tests to convey the data visualization about deforestation.