The Be. Organization 
Non-profit Organization - Education

Brand Identity - Website - Print Design
Art Direction, Designer

The Be. Org has been working in the Baltimore area for four years now and the organization i arriving close to their 5th year anniversary. As they continue to grow; they will need to have a new logo and brand identity that their clients and partners can easily recognize.


The main project goal is creating a logo & brand identity that will display the true essence of The Be. Org. The logomark needs to be concrete in its form and color choice but also change its language to obtain and gain new people in the organization.

Removing the clutter and simplifying the logomark made the form recognizable to their current customers. The structure of the tagline, I had to change the tagline to be a ‘call to action’ towards new customers and donors.

The previous logomark had too many different typefaces & styles incorporated in the form. With the Gotham typeface, the geometric properties give the logo a delicate balance, as well as several techniques that can be useful for web and physical content.  

The primary colors also needed a revamp from the previous choices. Researching the previous colors, I was able to create a set number of colors that mimic the last primary color and secondary colors that express positive, the energy that the Be. the organization provides to the customers.

Web Design & EventsI was able to create a website that customers, sponsors, and donors can access all the current information or donate to the organization. Halfway through the website redesign, I was able to attend the ‘Sneaker Ball’ event, where they celebrated their 5th year anniversary and their unveiling of their new brand identity.