The Be. Organization - Tonee A. Lawson
Non-profit Organization - Education

Brand Identity - Website - Print Design
Art Direction, Designer

BriefThe Be. organization wanted to change its appeal as an organization that has been stable over the last 5 years. Social Development, Creative and College Readiness were their new programs the youth that are enrolled in the organization. The goal of the project was to create a brand identity that will speak their new language to new sponsors, families, and investors. Yet, not to sway from the familiar brand identity.

IdeaWe created a strategy that directed the wordmark and tagline to be a “call to action”. Rearranging the name of the organization and their tagline gave strength and fluidity for their brand identity.

Removing the clutter from the previous logo, it was evident that the logo was there “hiding in plain sight”. With the tagline, “the dream” recalls their previous tagline but in a verbiage structure that could be used in many ways that would uplift the young students that attend the Be. organization.

The clean and modern look for the organization was needed. Gotham was a great choice for them due to the verity of styles that come from the typeface and the modern look that speaks well with their audience online and on social media. 

The primary colors also needed a revamp from the previous choices. Researching the previous colors, I was able to get a sense of the direction of making it appealing for the parents and students that attend the organization.

Web Design & Special Event
After the brand identity was completed. I was asked to create a website that would extend their reach to supporters and investors. The strategy was to focus on the parents that would like to bring their children to the organization and display all the fun activities that go on in the organization.

Halfway through the website redesign, I was invited to their “Sneaker Ball” event where I got the chance to meet with the kids that enrolled into the program, Tonee and the people who helped run the organization. What a great time!